Work in Progress

Main links now work. Clicking on KIS, KAG, or Kohan 2 links will send you to the original Awakening pages. Note: there are non-working links on those pages - mainly anything to do with GameSpy, StrategyPlanet, Tripod, and FilePlanet. For now they will remain as is - I don't have the time to rebuild the entire site again. You can download files directly from the original site pages (again, ign...

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Links Broken

Site links are currently broken. Working on it.

Site Links

The links for KIS, KAG, and KoW will take you to the original Awakening site, where you can find info on units, heroes, strategy, and more. The menu on the left is a work in progress. Playing around with it. For now, just use the links mentioned above.

Site Update

Due to deprecation of the old site's php version, I'm redoing the site as a more basic and modern version. May take a few days to get all the game info back up. Downloads are available from the site's Google drive.

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